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Moriah Media


Posted on 29 September 2010 | 12:54 am


Here’s the latest:

  • When we shot the original miniatures for our Notzilla Teaser trailer, our Director of Photography Jeff Barklage suggested adding a car-being-bounced-off-a-cliff shot.  We liked it so much, we decided we needed an interior scene to go with it, so...  
  • Two days ago we shot a classic B-picture scene of a couple parked on a cliff when suddenly...Notzilla strikes!
  • Thought you might like to see a few stills.  They’re attached.  
  • You can see more at our Notzilla site on Facebook
  • When the Teaser is completed it will be posted on our website at and on Youtube.
  • Updates of our Notzilla and Moriah Investors Memoranda are nearly complete.  Thanks for your patience!!


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